Benefits of Skateboarding

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There are many benefits that come from skateboarding, both physical and mental, which can help one succeed on their path through life!


Physical Benefits

Skateboarding is a great cardio workout that helps develop core strength and balance which transfer to all other sports and activities! Simply going for a push (or a 'cruise') can burn an impressive 8-12 calories per minute and skateboarding also helps "develop key muscles like hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, and yes, even abs!" (How Good A Workout Is Skateboarding? - Men's Fitness)!


Mental Benefits

What may not be as apparent as the physical benefits to a non-skateboarder are the mental benefits which are influential in teaching the individual life lessons around hard work, dedication, focus, and creativity!

Skateboarders discover very quickly that learning a new trick is never an easy task. They understand that success comes from repeated failures, each of which pushes them another step closer to their goal; a real world lesson that you need to work hard for the things in life that you want and that your self-esteem will be rewarded for the effort you put into the challenge! Every time you fall trying a new trick, you discover something new about that trick and how you need to adjust your approach. It forces you to work through the problem to find the answer...and after hours and hours of failed attempts you are rewarded with the greatest feeling of self accomplishment that comes with the first time you land that trick!!

The greatest thing about skateboarding is the freedom it offers to do it your own way! There are no rules for how you are supposed to skate, and that freedom has helped to mold the skateboarder to be inherently creative! They perceive the world from a entirely different angle than the rest of the population and see possibilities in the urban landscape that are otherwise overlooked or taken for granted!

These qualities, which are naturally developed through skateboarding, can help the individual as they grow through life and are faced with the many challenges and obstacles in the real world! Skateboarders are strong willed, strong minded, and highly motivated to achieve what they set out to do!

I'll wrap this up by saying that, while there are many benefits to skateboarding, just a few of which have been addressed here, we don't actually skateboard for any of these reasons. It's much simpler than that...


We skateboard because there is nothing we'd rather be doing!!


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