Private Skateboard Lessons

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Private Skateboard Lessons

So, your kids want a skateboard but you don't know how to teach them and it scares the heck out of you!?


Well, our First Push Skateboard Lessons are designed for exactly that!!


Our lessons are designed to help your little ripper develop a foundation from which their future progression will be built upon! They'll learn how to properly and safely balance, push, and roll as well as understand the mechanics of basic tricks like the Ollie, Shuv-it, Kickflip, Dropping-into the ramp, and more, which will help them further progress their skills on their own and with their friends!!


Each lesson is conducted 1-on-1 so that we can fully utilize our time and ensure that the instructor's focus is 100% on your skater! Lessons take place at the shop where we have a 2' mini-ramp inside and a great flatground area behind the store with smooth pavement and curbs to confidently learns the fundamentals before taking it to the skate-park!!


Cost: 1-Hour Lesson - $45 ; 5-Lesson Pack - $200


Because we conduct the lessons at the store, we are able to provide flexibility for your schedule and in the case of a 5-lesson pack, you can decide when you want to book each lesson!


You can book a lesson by finding us on your MindBody app or call us directly at the shop!! (403) 727-1244


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