About us

At Youth Brigade Snow and Skate, your young rippers finally have a shop to call their own! 

The idea for Youth Brigade is inspired through a necessity that developed in the early 90s for owners Jordan Fleming and Brock Heartwell. As the then 9 year olds were becoming pulled into the 'sideways' culture, they lacked access to the brands and gear that they came to associate with through snow and skate videos and magazines! For years they were limited to lame brands offered in big box stores or ripped hand-me-downs, that were way oversized, until they could eventually fit into adult sizes. 

20 years later and still that same frustration existed for the little shredders and their parents!

...Until Now!!

This shop presents a one of a kind experience for the next generation of skaters and snowboarders where they can get geared up head to toe in the raddest brands usually only found in your local adult snow and skate shop!

Owned and operated by snowboarders and skateboarders, at Youth Brigade Snow and Skate you can be rest assured that you'll be provided the best product, knowledge, and service to get your little dude or dudette exactly what they need and want to confidently pursue their single-plank passions!


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 8pm / Saturday: 10am - 6pm / Sunday: 12pm - 5pm