Triple 8 Cert Sweatsaver Navy

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This dual-certified helmet is here for a super reasonable price. Washable, plush, sweat-wicking fabric makes this helmet very comfortable and keeps the sweat out of your eyes. Having both CPSC and ASTM certifications makes this helmet suitable for skating, biking and lots of other similar sports. Save space and money when you get one helmet to cover your entire life-style.

As Tony Hawk put it, "The helmets I've worn through a lifetime of skating have compromised between comfort and protection. This helmet has the best of both, and looks good too." Enough said.

  • CPSC 1203 Certified (USA - Skate/Bike)
  • ASTM F1492 Certified (USA - Skate/Roller)
Key Features
  • Certified EPS Protection
  • Sweatsaver™ Liner
Tony Hawk Foundation
  • A portion of the sales will be donated to the Tony Hawk Foundation to continue its mission of empowering youth by creating public skate parks in low income communities.
  • Two Sets of Sweatsaver™ Liners for a Custom Fit

CPSC 1203 Certified (USA - Skate/Bike) - Meets the skate and bicycle helmet certification standards of the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Designed to withstand a single high impact or multiple low impacts.

ASTM F1492 Certified (USA - Skate/Roller) - Meets the certification standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials to withstand multiple impacts in non-motorized recreational sports such as skateboarding and roller skating.


Certified EPS Protection - Triple Eight's EPS foam has the ability to absorb high impact collisions and is dual certified to CPSC Bike and ASTM skate safety standards.

Sweatsaver™ Liner - Soft terry-cloth fabric covers plush padding offers an itch-free helmet that pulls the sweat away from your face and eyes. The liner is removable so if the anti-microbial treatment can't keep the sweat-stink at bay you can wash them time and time again.

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